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Kevin Greer is a modern missionary evangelist and fonder of A.R. World Outreach Ministries Based in America. He is a gifted evangelist charged with taking the Gospel to the nations through crusades marked by miraculous healing and during which thousands make a first-time commitments to Jesus Christ as there Savior. In addition o the Gospel campaigns, Evangelist Greer conducts leadership and seminars to equip pastors and leaders and fire conference to inspire evangelist to take the Gospel to the world. He firmly believes that these are the last days, the prophecies of Joel 2:28 are being fulfilled before our very eyes, and it is therefore a imperative for a revived Church to fulfill the Great Commission of Jesus Christ.

Evangelist Greet studied at Mood Bible Institute, Charis Bible College, and The Reinhard Bonnke School off Evangelism. He currently resides in Chicago with his wife Andrea.


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