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“Go ye into all the World and preach the gospel…” St. Mark 16:15


The Great Commission to cover the Earth with the gospel of Jesus Christ is the mission of A.R.K. World Outreach Ministries. Kevin Greer, A.R.K.’s founder, launched the ministry with the driving conviction that regardless of the challenges of mankind, Christ is the answer for the world.


In addition to his work in the US, Kevin goes to some of the most remote, unreached and frequently perilous parts of the world to share the word of salvation with the lost. His greatest joy and satisfaction is seeing captives set free and souls transferred from the power of darkness to the Kingdom of God.


Not everyone can travel the world on missions, but when you send missionaries and evangelists by praying and sowing financially into their ministries you share equally in the rewards both now and eternally. In the words of our Lord Jesus Christ: “Lift up your eyes and look at the fields, for they are ripe for harvest. Already the reaper draws his wages and gathers a crop for eternal life, so that the sower and the reaper may rejoice together.” (John 4:35-36). As a partner with the ministry you share in the FRUIT of the harvest.


We ask that you prayerfully consider partnering with us as we reach the lost for Christ. To support A.R.K. World Outreach Ministries, please click the tab below to make a tax- deductible donation. Thank you, and may all God’s best be yours

Evangelism Workshop


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pakistan 2018 crusade day on kg stage shot with rifles on stage
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pakistan 2018 crusade day two blind eyes open part 3
pakistan 2018 crusade day two blind eyes open 4
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Your gift has a lasting impact. We would be honored to have you join us on this incredible journey to bring the message of the love and grace of Jesus Christ to the world.

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